Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! The day is dedicated to celebrating the glorious independence of the nation. Independence Day is celebrated regularly on 15th August as a national day in India, commemorating the country’s Independence from the United Kingdom on fifteen August 1947. This article highlights key aspects of this historical event and its significance today.

Happy Independence Day

Independence Day was not a sudden break from the past – it was a process of gradual evolution. On this day in 18 CLRACHIA, the Constitution of the nation was proclaimed. It was after the famous Battle of Lexington and Concord that the Constitution of India was declared. In this way, in this great nation, announced freedom proclaimed to all its citizens; on this day, they were allowed to participate in the political system and enjoy space.

From that day, the world began to see the true meaning of democracy. From that day, Indians began to participate actively in the political system. There were various struggles for freedom, but ultimately, it won independence.

There is no doubt that the most significant contribution made by the people of India towards the celebration of happy independence day is that, without them, this event could not have taken place. Without the ‘s struggle commoner for freedom, the world might still be ruled by the colonial powers.

Freedom gave importance to individual rights. Indians from all over the country participated actively in the political process and made their views known. With time, various other states in India also began to join in the celebrations of freedom. Some of them, like Kerala and Assam, have even achieved true freedom for their condition. Today, these regions enjoy vibrant festivals to celebrate release day with enthusiasm. But other parts of the country have not yet achieved true freedom and are struggling to do so.

The freedom-loving people of India celebrate happy independence day in different ways. You will see colors and flowers and even firecrackers being used to celebrate Independence Day in some parts of the country. You will also see people dancing and joyously rejoice in the coming of the era of freedom. You will not find any fireworks or crackers being used to celebrate Independence Day in other areas of the country. Instead, people will sit around and eat snacks.

The true meaning of Independence Day is celebrated with full zeal and exuberance in every part of the country. People from all age groups, from all classes, all backgrounds participate actively in the celebrations. Many events take place simultaneously to mark the day, which is a celebration of a great nation, freedom fighters, and independence.

On the Happy independence day most of markets are thronged with people, sellers offering a diverse range of products at meager prices; fruit shops and vegetable markets are busy as well selling different varieties of food items; book stores and bookstores sell out all their Independence Day publications for cheap; petrol and railway stations run out of Independence Day coupons, paper money has lost its value, and currency notes are seeing lying in fields.

In other areas of the country where there is no threat of any sort of attack by the British, you will see people celebrating happy Independence Day with immense vigor. You will see people performing dance and song palaver to commemorate the day, and there is no place where you will not find people committing such acts. There are parades of different categories, and you will see different banners and flags fluttering everywhere.

The residents and visitors are busy taking pictures of different events in the area; you will also see side street beautification to celebrate the happy independence day. The local people are busy decorating their homes and offices, and the famous personalities of the country are also busy participating actively in various events.

Some places like Delhi, Chandigarh, and Mumbai are decorated extensively, while others like Pune and Noida are moderately decorated. In some locations like Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Lucknow, and Mumbai, there is hardly a square inch of space that is not decorated or adorned with banners and flags. As far as entertainment is concerned, there is a vast atmosphere of enjoyment and joy as people dance, sing, play music, watch films and TV programs, participate in sports and enjoy various other activities.

You will find great restaurants serving excellent food items and other drinks in happy independence day. The locals are very excited about celebrating this happy day with so much vigor and enthusiasm that they do not bother about anything and everything else. On the whole, the celebration is marking the beginning of a new era for the British citizens, which was once symbolized by the battle of Lexington and Concord.

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