Kim Kardashian Is Making A Fortune Off Social Media

Kim Kardashian Is Making A Fortune Off Social Media

Kim Kardashian Is Making A Fortune Off Social Media

Kim Kardashian West (aka Kim Kardashian West) is an American fashion professional, socialite, actress, model, businessperson, producer, and mother. She has been married to rapper West since 2005. Kim Kardashian West (formerly Kim Simpson) is popularly known for her roles in the television show, The Apprentice, The Suite Life of Others, The Hollywood Apprentice, Keeping Up With the Kim Kardashian Factor, and The X Factor. She has also guest-starred in movies Fantastic Four: Return of the Jedi, The Incredible Hulk, and A Christmas Carol.

Kim Kardashian Is Making A Fortune Off Social Media

Kim Kardashian is well known to her friends and family as a loving mother, doting daughter, and fashion-forward. She is portrayed on the television show as someone who is a self-conscious and oftentimes arrogant woman, but according to the show she presents as a strong and intelligent person in real life. Kim is married to rapper West and the two share multiple loans, mortgages, and property. They have two teenage daughters. Kim’s mother Norma Kardashian is one of the models that appeared in one of the episodes of The Apprentice.

On January 4th, Kim posted on her website a photo of herself and West posing together at the premiere of the latest issue of Vogue magazine. In the photo, Kim wears a black dress with a matching jacket, gray skinny jeans, a blouse, and a large wrap. Kim is captioned, “My wedding day! #neyside”. In the next episode, Kim Kardashian West will be the featured guest along with her mother and grandmother for a holiday photoshoot for Vogue Magazine.

In the January 2011 episode of The Hollywood Factor, Kim had co-hosted a red carpet event for InTouch Magazines with her mother and grandmother. During the event, she introduced her best friend Robby Soffer. Kim was also photographed with her mother and grandmother. It is obvious that Kim wants to continue to be a prominent member of the public and has set up several new companies to help promote herself and her business interests. She has set up a company called Kourtney Kardashian Digital Media and has several other ventures.

Kim and her husband North have been married since 2004 and have two children. The two are living in Beverly Hills, California. In the past, Kim has said that she wanted to have four children. Kim has four children with North, Lauren, Chase, and Dashiell. The four children Kim has been her own children from a previous marriage, Kourtney, Lissa, and Vienna. Kim has five more children that she will hopefully get through her marriage.

Kim Kardashian and her husband have a strong social media presence. On their social media sites, they post pictures frequently and talk about their lives. Kim and her mother have always expressed that they do not have a social media site of their own. On the Instagram page, there are pictures of the mother and daughter as well as some recent photos of the family together.

Kim was one of the first celebrity mothers to use Instagram as a promotional tool. In 2011, she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Lead Actress in a Leading Role for her role in The Perfect Score. Kim was nominated again for her second Best Actress award for her role in the same film. In the past Kim has used social media to promote the movies that she has been in, however in the recent past, she has not been as active on the site.

Kim has definitely made her mark on the world of celebrities and is now a brand in her own right. The Kim Kardashian clothing line was created by her mother’s company and is sold in retail outlets. Her perfume and sunglasses brands also are doing well and have both were sold off at auction. She has earned herself a fortune with the help of her social media empire.

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