The Circus A Review of an Indoor Theme Park and a Tour of the Indoor

The Circus A Review of an Indoor Theme Park and a Tour of the Indoor

The Circus: A Review of an Indoor Theme Park and a Tour of the Indoor

The Circus Las Vegas is a multi-level hotel and casino operated on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is owned and managed by Phil Ruffin. The circus boasts the largest permanent indoor circus globally, along with several temporary outdoor circus acts and other carnival games. It is one of the most visited sites on the strip. The Circus also has several restaurants and bars.

The Circus A Review of an Indoor Theme Park and a Tour of the Indoor

The circus started in billiards bars in San Francisco. The original Circus was founded back in 1933 to bring the two sides of the gambling experience together. The Circus was supposed to be San Francisco’s first permanent circus. It soon became a hugely popular tourist attraction, and eventually, the owner decided to expand it to Las Vegas.

Circus gained popularity with its first year in las Vegas. In July of that year, it was declared the largest full-time circus in America by the Guinness Book of World Records. That was also the same year that opened the casino. When the casino first opened, the Circus had only five regular performances a week. Within a few years, there were several other attractions, and now the Circus has opened its second casino in Las Vegas.

Today, the Circus Las Vegas serves as a full-time attraction as it has four indoor entertainment venues. This all changed when the company purchased the former Aladdin’s cave and relocated it to a newer location. The Circus Las Vegas now plays host to numerous circus-themed shows, including the popular Ring-A-Loom. The latest addition to the Circus family is the Enchanted Garden, the world’s only themed garden.

The Circus’ 50-foot high observation tower provides an exhilarating view of the Strip. The building offers unobstructed views of both the Strip and the New York skyline. Inside  Circus, there are various attractions for people of all ages. Circus also offers several restaurants, bars, snack bars, and other indoor and outdoor shows and performances.

One of the most popular parts of Circus is its signature “skyrise tower.” This attraction is not part of the main circus floor at any given time but instead is located just outside of the main entrance to the casino space. The skyrise tower offers an unbelievable view of the Las Vegas strip. This tower is part of a series of attractions that the Circus also owns and operates. There is also an oversized outdoor parking garage attached to the site.

The earliest years of the Circus were spent at the Grand Palace as an early years resort. The hotel tower was constructed in 1931 and sat atop a large green marble-colored marble pit. Another large green outdoor area, known as the Aquarium, can be found here. The original Circus was opened in March of 1931 and remained open until an unknown man purchased it from New Jersey. The man’s name was Louis Szeke.

Louis Szeke changed the name of  Circus to The Circus after purchasing it and moved it to its present location across the street from the Grand Palace Hotel and Casino. The Circus has been a mainstay in Las Vegas ever since and is now one of the oldest continuously running circuses. Circus is constantly remodeling its casino floor and interior while also constantly upgrading its show equipment, performers, and property. Many of the original Circus stages are still in operation today and can be found throughout the gaming district.

The Circus operates out of two main offices. One is located on the east side of the Las Vegas Strip between Fashion Street and Las Vegas Boulevard. This office has the original Circus Gaming license and is operated as the main headquarters of  Circus. The second office is on the west side of the strip between Las Vegas Boulevard and Venetian Way. This second office is managed by a different individual who oversees all of the operations of  Circus outside of las vegas. Both of the Circus’ offices are very similar and are well known by locals and tourists alike.

Circus also operates out of two indoor theme parks. The first is called the Wet n Wild Water Park and the second is called Extreme Water Park. Both of these parks are located near Circus. The Water Park has an interactive water feature known as the Aquascape that allows people to immerse themselves in the whimsical aquatic world.

Circus also operates out of several hotels. Circus Flair is owned by Circus Flair, a full-service international hotel chain with locations in almost every state in the United States. The Circus owns a hotel close to the World Of Drive and an indoor theme park called Thrill Park. Many of Circus’ hotels are owned by other Las Vegas casinos and are used as outlet hotels or shopping promenade hotels.

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