Types of Mascara

Types of Mascara

Types of Mascara

Mascara is a common cosmetic typically used to improve eyelashes. It can darken, lengthen, thicken, and define the eyelash. Mascara comes in many forms such as liquid, pencils, powders, mousses, and even cream. Mascara can also be colored and sometimes comes in eye shadow or eyeliner.

Mascara can be made from several basic ingredients. Mascara pigments are either synthetic or natural. Pigment pigments can range from opaque and Matt to light and translucent. Mascara pigments can be animal, vegetable, or synthetic. The most common types of Mascara pigments are metallic, green, blue, brown, black, yellow-green, silver, and pink.

Mascara can also be developed from eyelash enhancer pigments. These are typically developed synthetically using a keratin protein and a binder. Keratin is an amino acid and a component of our cells. Eyelash enhancers can contain both Mascara pigments and eyelash enhancers. These eyelash enhancers can be formed into mascaras with the use of Mascara Go, Mascara Catwalk, Mascara Cashmere, and Mascara Volume.

Mascara can also be developed from the waxes pigments. Mascara-like pigments are derived from natural waxes and oils. Commonly used pigments are metallic, green, blue, brown, and yellow-green. Some natural Mascara pigments include beeswax (alkalize), cocoa butter (acne treatment), mineral oil (moisturizer), and soybean wax (for stretch marks). Some Mascara Go, Mascara Catwalk, and Mascara Cashmere are derived from silicone oils.

Rubens also introduced the concept of waterproof mascara. This waterproof Mascara is in liquid form and does not clump. Mascara that is waterproof can also be used on the eyes and outer lashes. This is similar to Mascara Go, Mascara Catwalk, and Mascara Cashmere.

The third waterproof mascara is the Mascara: shimmer Serum. This eye makeup has a unique concept was created by Mr. Rubens. He invented this shimmering formula which can be used as eyelash liner and also used as a mascara. This product contains a combination of patented shimmering minerals like tourmaline, malachite, and citrine.

The fourth waterproof Mascara in the line is the ColorStay. This is the mascara that can provide you long-lasting, natural-looking eyelashes without the application of a sticky and running-down lash. It comes with an impressive 5 shade assortment. This color stays on the eyelash longer and creates a thick, black eyelash.

Rubens Eye Studio offers these eye makeup products for an affordable price. They are made of natural minerals and are applied with a brush. The Mascara: shimmer Serum and other eye makeup products are safe and natural to use. Therefore, if you desire to have eyelashes with longer staying power, try out this brand of mascara.

Another great eye makeup brand that is very popular among young women is Hello Kitty mascara. This brand of mascara also comes with a great variety of colors and designs. The Mascara: Hello Kitty Promise is one of the most promising mascara products available in the market. It is also an excellent cure to dark circles brought about my sleeping problems. Mascara from this brand can easily be applied to the upper lashes.

Maybelline is also another great brand, which caters to the eyewear of young girls. The Mascara: Girls Makeover Range is a perfect solution for those who want to add a touch of glamour and elegance to their luscious eyelashes. This eye shadow is water-resistant, ultra-light and can be used along with your regular eye makeup. The Mascara: Golden Glow Eye Shadow offers an intense color to the eye area. It is especially useful during night time, when your normal eye shadow cannot conjure up that wonderful glow.

If you are looking for waterproof, smudge-proof mascara that is easy to apply, you should go for Mascara: Diamond Glow. This water-based mascara can be applied over the black eye shadow to bring out the natural beauty of the eyelashes. It has a dramatic affect on the eyelashes and will make them look really beautiful. Mascara from Diamond Glow is also great for brown eyes.

If you have really dark lashes but need a mascara that does not clog your eyes, you should go for Mascara: Black Light. This water-based mascara is a good alternative to the traditional black mascara. It does not clog the lashes with excess water and it is a perfect solution if you have dark-colored eyes.

If you love to have beautiful eyelashes and do not want to use any other forms of mascara, then you should go for Mascara: Platinum. This is a water-based form of mascara that can give you longer and thicker eyelashes. With Mascara: Platinum you get to control how much mascara will get on your eyes and you do not have to worry about smudges on your lashes. This is a good mascara for people who love to have darker eye makeup because it does not clog the eyelashes with excess water.



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